10 Activities to do with a ROLL OF MASKING TAPE

As cold weather is approaching I am trying to arm myself with some fun indoor activities to keep the kiddos busy. I like cheap and easy activities so I am in LOVE with all the fun ideas of what to do with a roll of masking tape! Here are ten of my faves!

*On days that I don't want to tape out the entire hopscotch, I've just put lines of tape a foot or two apart and had the kids hop from one line to the next. They love it! 

ABC Floor Circle
Source: Totally Tots
LOVE doing an ABC circle! There are so many things to do with this activity.
Some ideas from 'Totally Tots' post:
-Have your child run around the circle then call out a letter and the child stops on that letter.
-Use ABC bean bags and match letters (could try with upper and lower case matching).
-Have your child sit, stomp on, or point to a particular letter.

Some things we have done with the ABC floor circle:
-I will put out 26 different object that all start with a different letter in the alphabet (ie: banana, comb, dog stuffed animal, Kool-aid packet, zucchini, etc.) and my son will take the object and put it on the letter it starts with.
-My son will run around to different letters then he will say words that begin with each letter. And vice versa- I call out a word and he runs to the letter it starts with. 

Masking Tape and Cars
Source: Welcome Baby


Giant Shape Sort

Number Squares
Source: Dream Gym
Call out a number and have your child hop to the correct number. 
*For older children, you could call out a math problem and have them jump to the correct answer 
(ie: Call out "2+2" and your child jumps on the 4.)

Tape Shapes
Tape different shapes on the ground then have your child figure out the number of sides the shape has. 

Masking Tape Maze

3D Masking Tape Maze
Have your child crawl through the maze without breaking the tape

Teach Basketball and Math
Source: My Husband
My son is really into numbers and math right now and my husband is into basketball. So my husband mixed the two together, added some masking tape and... Viola!
My husband labeled the tape with the name of the shot and points (dunk 2, free throw 1, top of the arc 3) but you can just do the numbers. If you want to focus more on math than on teaching the basketball scoring system you can put lines all over the floor with different numbers (7, 11, 4, etc.) then have your child keep score by adding as they play basketball. For even older kids you can subtract, multiply, etc!

I hope you have fun trying out some of these masking tape activities!

*FYI: From comments on these activities, some moms were using the colored masking tape and didn't take it off right after the activity then it was ruining their floor. So use regular masking tape or take off the colored tape quickly! 

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