Apple Tree

I started doing a Joy School with some ladies in my neighborhood for our three-year-olds. We started with the letter 'A' so we of course had to do some fun apple activities. For their art project, after seeing this post about cinnamon sticks and buttons and this post about circle painting, I combined the two to make this apple tree painting.

Supplies: white cardstock, green washable paint, red and green buttons, cinnamon sticks, hot glue gun, lids/bottles/toilet paper rolls/paper cups (whatever you want to use for the circle painting)

1. Have your child dip the toilet paper roll in the green paint then stamp circles onto the white paper to make a tree.

2. Have your child put the cinnamon sticks and buttons where they want them to be.

3. Since these are harder materials to glue with Elmer's or glue sticks, I opted to hot glue. After the kids placed the objects where they wanted them to be, I glued them on.

The picture above is what I envisioned for the project, the picture below is the actual results!!

*The cinnamon sticks were such a fun object to use on their art project. We were able to smell the sticks and guess what the smell was. You could expand this and do a whole unit on the sense of smell: grab some other fall scents out of your pantry (nutmeg, pumpkin, etc.) and let their little noses get to work!

We of course had to read a book during our project. This is the apple book I picked: 

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