Pinterest PASS or FAIL: Kid Activities

With SO MUCH on Pinterest, it's hard to know what works and what doesn't. This summer we tried out some kid activities we found through Pinterest with a 4, 5, and 6-year old boy and they let us know what activities PASSED and which ones FAILED!

Bike Wash
Source: Instructables
Connect PVC, drill holes, insert water misters and hook up to hose. Worked like a champ until the little ones turned the water up and the pressure blew out the misting posts. D'oh! Pass anyway. The boys LOVED it!

 Permanent Marker Dishes
Color dish with permanent marker. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Wash by hand.
I skipped the last step and went straight to the dishwasher and all their art washed away. Oops. Should have seen their sad faces when I opened the dishwasher.
*Make sure to WASH BY HAND
* Use a porcelain 150 pen instead of permanent marker

 Snack names
Write your name on a paper. Trace name with glue. Glue snacks on to your name.

 Symmetry experiment with faces
Source: Dee Construction
The 5 and 6 year old passed but the 4 year old needs intervention!

Painter tape web game
Except the boys loved tearing it down.

 Marshmallow Launcher
Source: The Giggling Green Bean
This was a cinch to make and the little people loved it. Instructions suggested that we launch mini marshmallows, but we found smarties left a nice welt on our moving targets!

 Tornado in a Jar
FAIL. Fill jar with water, add a drop of soap and swirl. 
Luckily the ice cream truck drove by just then and the kids could stop shaking the jars of disappointment.

 Jello Worms
Source: all over Pinterest!
If you haven't tried these Jello worms, your boys are missing out on part of their childhood. 

Watermelon on a stick
PASS for kids
FAIL for mom (trying to stab a dull stick into an inch of rind is not the easiest thing!)

Outside water bed
Duck tape tarps together. Fill with water. Add kids. Enjoy!
It was incredible to watch the boys find countless ways to enjoy this waterbed. Hours of fun!! 

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